Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Whirlwind Spring 2016!

It has been a bit of a whirlwind of a past month! Here's just a little highlight of the fun things I've been up to:

Thank you to Amy Getty for snapping this photo! 
  • I attended the AAUW Smart Start Salary Negotiation Workshop on April 14th in preparation for becoming a backup workshop facilitator.
  • I put together the Staff & Faculty Celebration of Vocation, the first time an event of this kind has been held on campus. 

  • My favorite programming event for students was a hit again this semester. You guessed it! Pet a Pup was held April 19th and 20th. Students were smiling and tails were wagging! 

  • We celebrated faculty and staff milestones on April 29th, including 5 years at GV for me. I received this photo frame to commemorate my work-a-versary! 
My question to the manufacturer is: why, instead of using a smiling family or a generic beach or landscape photo, would you use a placeholder photo of a half-naked woman reclining in bed? Now this is on my desk and is not creepy or inappropriate at all... Happy 5 years! 
  • We hosted a workshop sponsored by ILA on Internet Privacy for librarians on May 2. I serve on the ILA Intellectual Freedom Committee and helped plan the event. 

  • I kicked off the Summer Reading Program on May 4th with a record 19 participants in attendance (and 34 35 signed up for the program, overall; updated 5/26/16).

  • I learned more about the LOGOS program and my role as an instructor in the first-year student seminar section of the program on May 9th. 
  • We began foundational work for GV program evaluation.
  • We hosted the first Lemonade Lunch for SRP, and folks were flipping over winning prizes!

  • IPAL is being held at GV this year on May 19th. I am helping coordinate the Information Literacy Interest Group morning session again this year, and I'm also going to be doing a lightning round presentation -- Here's a sneak peek at the presentation: 

  • ILA/ACRL is coming up on Friday, May 20 in Ankeny. I'm excited to attend and am especially looking forward to hearing the keynote speaker, Megan Oakleaf! This is also my first spring conference as ILA/ACRL Executive Board Member-at-Large, and I'm looking forward to all that brings! 
  • More to come on the upcoming conferences and other spring and summer happenings, I'm sure!