Thursday, January 7, 2016

Match the Selfie to the Shelfie

I'm putting up the physical display for this today, and am pushing out the email and Facebook posts the day after classes begin for spring semester. I've been collecting selfies/shelfies from faculty and staff since this summer (and was finally able to get my last one in just after Christmas, after having asked a few folks from a few different areas on campus). I pulled one or two books from each "shelfie" to display along with the photos, in case anyone is interested in checking out a favorite book from one of the staff member's or faculty member's shelves. Here's hoping it's a hit! 

Match the Selfie to the Shelfie

GV faculty & staff are sharing their shelfies!

Which shelf belongs to which person? 
Give it a try and submit your guesses here: 
View larger images (so you can better read the titles and guess) and share your own shelfie (your selfie with your bookshelf in the background) to our Facebook page using ‪#‎GVLibShelfie‬!

And here's the display in action: