Friday, August 1, 2014

Summer Reading Wrap Up and Reflections

We've wrapped up our second summer of having a summer reading program! Here are some reflections and stats!

Books Discussed


It was another great bunch to discuss summer reading/movies/tv shows with! This year I shortened the SRP season to hopefully help with the end-of-the-summer slump in attendance, but it didn't seem to make that much of a difference for the final event (we wound up with about the same amount of people at each final event). Last summer we held 6 events; this summer we cut that back to 5 due to financial considerations (needing to go with on-campus catering rather than purchasing snacks) and time considerations. I also modified the prizes to be only book prizes for the Lemonade Lunches (rather than offering candy, small gift cards, etc.) because 1) I had friends giving me books to be used as I wished, and this was a great way to provide prizes, and 2) because they were some of the most popular options last summer, and that proved to be true this time too! In order to win anything at the Wrap Up Party, attendance was required, and that's when I gave away the Grand Prizes (a brand new messenger bag, some personal doorknob dry-erase boards, a gift certificate to Half-Price Books, 2 gift bags generously donated by East Village Spa in Des Moines, a small, plush bear, and a Zhu Zhu Pet (you never know...someone might want it! Though it did go unclaimed as a prize this year).

This year we tried some new things: catering through GV; donated prizes at all levels; shorter season; recording a list of the books we discussed.

For the most part, I'd say the program was a success--I'm looking forward to trying more new things next summer!