Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Banned Books 2015 - Lift Here Display

In early October we have Global Vision Week (GVW) on campus, and I wanted to dedicate a display to that issue/programming, but I also didn't want to ignore Banned Books (BB) week. To give the BB signs a little extra display time, I decided to kick off the year with them -- and they've been pretty popular. Several of the books have rotated out of the display for checkout! To make way for GVW, the BB display will come down right after BB week is over.

The display itself is fairly simple. Signs are up featuring the books, then I've taped a small flap to hide the reason why the book has been challenged or banned, along with the call number for the book, should someone wish to check it out.  Below are a few images:

Stay tuned! I'm also working with several student groups/clubs to have their members come in and take photos with some of their favorite Banned Books to be sent out via our Facebook page and a campus email listserv.