Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer Wrap Up

Well, the end of summer is here. Last week we wrapped up the Summer Reading Program (below are just a few of our prize winners).

Here are some fun facts about our Summer Reading Program:
  • This summer was the first time we've done a Summer Reading Program
  • Our theme, Groundbreaking Reads, just happened to also match the construction going on around the rest of campus
  • 36 people signed up to participate, ranging from students to staff to faculty and faculty/staff family members
  • 37 prizes were given out throughout the summer (ranging from candy bars, dried fruit, small gift cards, used books and DVDs, to the large prizes: 20 minute massages, Half Price Books gift card, and a GV Bookstore gift card)
  • We held 4 lemonade lunches, a kickoff party, and a wrap up party
  • A total of 221 book slips were submitted for the prize drawings
  • I received over 50 book purchase recommendations from the book slips that were submitted (on the prize slips there was a check box asking "Was this book one you would recommend the Grand View University Library purchase for others to read?")

The University is finishing up one of the most visible construction projects on campus, the Grand Central Plaza (which includes a more accessible ramp up to the library!). If you look closely, you can also see the addition to the student center (the new level on the roof across the street).

We're gearing up for classes to start next week. This fall is going to be another busy one, but I'm hoping, despite the new challenges and responsibilities this year (new committees, lots of teaching across campus, professional organization involvement), that there will be fewer 12-hour days and a bit more balance.  This fall will definitely not be a "lather, rinse, and repeat" fall, but at least we've done the Core Sem I thing before and have a better idea of what to expect and we're definitely making some improvements to our planning, instruction, and assessment.  

Happy hectic fall, all!