Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Updating Leisure Displays

I'm (surprisingly) caught up with lesson plans right now, and so I'm planning ahead a bit to get another display ready for the leisure collection (and am brainstorming for upcoming events, like round 2 of pup-therapy)!

There are some memoirs coming out that I'm absolutely excited about, so why not feature them in our displays for November? Now, not all of these are available quite yet (as you can see by the call number placeholders), but they're ready to go once these items are processed!

For this display, I created it entirely in Google Docs. If I haven't previously mentioned it, I absolutely love Google Docs and use the rest of the Google suite to prep all of my lesson plans and presentations. Now I'm learning more about bells and whistles in the Docs portion itself (I love editing images right there in the document!).

More later, but I wanted to be sure to get these up while I was thinking of it!

P.S. I know B. J. Novak's book is fiction, but I just couldn't resist pairing it up with Mindy Kaling's memoir. A nod to their friendship and work together on The Office and other great projects!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Off and Running!

Well, we've certainly hit the ground running around here!

This year we're fully adopting Facebook as a tool for communication and connection with students (and the rest of the GV community). I've enjoyed planning ahead and scheduling posts using Buffer. It's a great time saver, and lets me schedule things while I'm thinking of it (so I don't miss out on sharing a fun link or helpful resource).

We've done some website redesign (within the constraints of the University's website tool). Our redesign reduced the number of clicks it takes for students to access the resources they need, and moved the help resources to the top of the page.

We've updated and expanded or video tutorials based on the questions we've been asked by students and instructors, and we continue to add to the list as new questions arise.

We've also hosted a few events already (see photos below).

And I've lost track of how many classes I'm embedded within. 7?  8? I keep picking up more, which is awesome because that means I'm connecting with that many more students! I'm very impressed with the students this year! They have been great about taking initiative and planning ahead, asking questions both in and out of class, and they've been coming to me for research help outside of the classes I'm embedded within.  That's really one of the best parts of the embedded librarian program--that the students know that the library is a one-stop-shop for any help they might need!

Beyond that, we're gearing up for midterms this week (yikes! Already?), and planning for the rest of the semester.

Here are a few photos from the year so far! (Click through on each photo to see the full event album.)