Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lib & Learn - February

Here's the first edition of the new Grand View University newsletter, geared toward students (and also faculty, but primarily students). Enjoy!

Library Newsletter -February
A big thank you to Rachel Slough for letting me borrow the title from her!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Reflect & Be Thankful

As what has been a fairly hectic week comes to a close (technically tomorrow it comes to a close, but hey, Thursday works for reflection too--thus ends-ish the first week of spring semester), I'd like to take a moment to reflect & be thankful. Some of it is career related, and the rest is likely adorable puppy related.

I give thanks for:

  • the hubbub students bring with them 
  • tech guys who are on the ball & fix little things before they become big things
  • cold weather that helps us appreciate it when the mercury is in a range anywhere above that which causes eyelash-cicles (does this even make sense???)
  • have I mentioned having students back on campus? having students back on campus (they keep life interesting)
  • new projects
  • others dancing in public
  • children's books
  • kids who read children's books
  • grown-ups who read children's books
  • adorable puppies
  • adorable puppy videos
  • friends who are like family
  • family who are like friends
  • curiosity
  • enthusiasm
  • internet memes
  • Puttin' on the Ritz
  • cheesy jokes
  • fun reference questions that allow me to learn right alongside the person asking the question
  • Television from my childhood (and yes, this includes reruns I watched during my childhood) like The Andy Griffith Show and The Flying Nun, and reruns now like Matlock and The Muppets
  • CBS Sunday Morning
  • Bob Schieffer laughing
  • Downton Abbey
  • Goodreads
  • gluten-free food that doesn't taste like feet
  • blogs
  • TED Talks
  • busy days that help make time fly
  • space heaters
  • good books
  • adventures
  • music
  • pajamas
  • when other people have fun surprises
  • lots and lots of other stuff
Taking a minute to breathe and be thankful is just what we all need sometimes.