Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Summertime Catch-Up

As you may have noticed, I'm spending more of my time orienting myself to my new job, which leaves less time to reflect here. Eventually I'll find my new swing, but until then, here is about a year's worth of highlights via tweets.

Here's a little overview:

  • Iowa Library Association (ILA) Conference
  • Open Access Week
  • New ISU President
  • Halloween in the library (and for my dog)
  • Brick and Click Conference
  • ILA Planning Day
  • Barks at Parks
  • ILA Exec Board meetings
  • Holidays (my dog met Santa at the mall)
  • Staff meetings and campus trainings
  • Facilitating the Start Smart Salary Negotiation Workshop
  • Supporting libraries going through challenges/censorship
  • Judging string ensembles contest at the local high school
  • ILA Legislative/Advocacy Day
  • Illinois Information Literacy Summit
  • National Library Legislative Day 
  • ILA-ACRL/IPAL Spring Conference
  • Iowa Private Academic Libraries Information Literacy Interest Group
  • Random stuff (usually involving my dog) sprinkled throughout

Friday, October 13, 2017

Updates Fall 2017

Well, I suppose I'm more than overdue for a blog update. Here goes! After my last post, it was a race to the end of the semester at Grand View, but not before hosting both the Iowa Private Academic Libraries conference and the spring Iowa Library Association ACRL conference. I was a member of the planning committee for the ILA ACRL conference and as a local person, also helped with IPAL. In addition to generally helping, I also helped plan and co-lead the Information Literacy Interest Group morning session at IPAL. But rather than drone on and on, how about we just check out some of my tweets between my last post and now! :) I think you'll see some exciting things!

You may have noticed a shift in my role. I took a new position at Iowa State University as an Instruction Librarian focusing on teaching and teaching support. This is a big switch from a small, private university to a large, Regent university, but I'm excited to try new things and serve the students and instructors here! Also, I got an adorable puppy (with photos sprinkled in above). I'm sure I'll share more as I develop into this position, but I wanted to write an official update before I left this blog hanging even longer!